Throwing cigarette butts on the ground may seem like an innocent act, however, such a move can have a significant impact on the marine environment, since a big part of this toxic waste end up in the sea where it remains for many years until it decomposes. "Innocent victims" such as birds and fish consume toxic cigarette butts as food.

  • 4.5

    End up in the environment
    every year

  • 65%
    Of smokers

    Do not dispose their cigarette butts in
    waste bins


Aegean Rebreath, taking into consideration that marine pollution comes primarily from the land and having as a principle that the protection of the environment concern us all, designed and implements, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, the Rafina Port Authority and the support of BAT Hellas, an innovative program to address the issue reckless disposal of cigarette butts.


Raising environmental awareness and educating citizens regarding the negative impact of certain habits on the environment.


Tackling reckless dumping of cigarette butts by placing special bins in key spots of the city.


Educating local stakeholders


The "Small Actions, Big Crimes" project, through the cooperation of local stakeholders, active citizen groups, the scientific community and the private sector, aspires to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the coastal and marine environment and to suggest solutions through evidence-based proposals, utilizing innovative methods of tracking sources of pollution, raising awareness and exploring ways to deal with them.


Don’t act recklessly!
Dispose your cigarette butt in the specially placed receptacles that you will find in the following places!